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Kids of Courage Feedback

“Our children have enjoyed serving at VOM headquarters and we greatly appreciate the ministry. We are delighted that through this VBS more children will be introduced to vital biblical concepts that will help them stay faithful when it’s not easy. Kids of Courage reveals the sacrifices Christians are making around the world to spread the gospel. It instills in young people a boldness to share their faith with others!”
— Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, parents of TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting”

“I love the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. The five themes are great! They are ones I need to be reminded of often, so I am glad to see them available for children as well. I really like the decorating ideas, which will greatly impact the children and start some stimulating conversations. I love how you can choose from several stories for lesson time-and the Bible lessons are really good. Two thumbs up!!”
— Gracia Burnham, missionary and author

“Too often the Christian life is portrayed to children with a lack of realism—as a bed of thornless roses. Not so with this wonderful VBS curriculum. It is refreshingly honest, well-produced, Christ-centered, and God-glorifying.”
— Ray Comfort, best-selling author and television co-host, “The Way of the Master”

“We ordered the VBS kit and have made some adjustments to use it as our children program at church for elementary and up (our older kids are serving as youth leaders). It is absolutely wonderful and our kids are very excited about learning about the different countries and how Christians are viewed/treated there. We hope that by learning about the lives of Christians who exemplify courage, our kids will have a foundation for following Christ courageously in their own lives.”
— Tonya Wilson, Facebook user


“We have been teaching the VOM Kids of Courage here in East Africa. We ran one VBS with about 200 kids and another with around 450 kids. It has been so impactful to see these kids learn firsthand about persecution, and they were all really interested in China. We also had a Chinese man get saved and he is going to go back next month and share the Gospel with his family. So praise God, Kids of Courage has really been used by the Lord here in Africa. We even had some Muslim kids in attendance, they learned some things about Egypt and Nigeria that really shook them.”


“In summer 2012, Asbury preschool ministry used Voice of the Martyrs’ VBS curriculum for mission week. We set up three classrooms with three different countries. The children learned about the country and did activities from the curriculum. We even set up a “secret church” for China that the children had to climb through a tunnel to get to. It was so much fun and I believe the children learned a lot. Sometimes teaching about countries that are so far away is hard for preschoolers to grasp. The VBS curriculum really helped our children to relate to the people around the world.”
— Asbury United Methodist Church


“Thank you for creating this unique material! This curriculum is a great tool in helping to strengthen our kids and us for the challenges ahead. The lessons show us the sacrifice and suffering of the persecuted Christians but focus on the promises of God and show us the difference one person can make for Christ. Don’t underestimate the kids understanding or ability to do great things for Christ right now. Thanks also for sending us a VOM Speaker on request, he was great!”
— Morning Star Baptist Church


“Recently, the Church of Tollhouse and Oakview Baptist Church jointly held a VBS, using the VOM Kids of Courage curriculum. This letter is to tell you how successful the VBS was. We had about 60 children attending (pretty good for our small town!) and I believe seven children were saved that day. (Most of the children attending were from Christian families and had already given their hearts and lives to Jesus.) I believe this VBS opened the eyes and hearts, not only of the children, but also the adults who were there, to the dire situation of Christians in these countries and to how blessed we are in the U.S. to have the freedom to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ without persecution.”
— Church of Tollhouse and Oakview Baptist Church


“My church in Greeley, Colorado, just finished the VOM Bible school material. What a blessing! Kids, youth helpers, and adults all felt it was the best VBS we have done. I choked up during the last skit when some of the teenage helpers stood on stage holding signs with the names of Christian martyrs and stating I am a link in the chain. Very powerful!”
— Facebook user


“Our VBS was an amazing experience!!!! Our church had never done a VBS before. We had 54 kids come, and we had 4 kids accept Christ and so many kids who after have said they want to be missionaries when they get older. It was a wonderful experience for our whole church!!! We built a jail and we decorated each classroom like the country. We build a tunnel up the stairway going into our China classroom, we had pyramids in Egypt and a hut in North Korea. Our oldest class included 7th, 8th and 9th graders, and they loved it too. We had the Kids of Courage World News station and so much more! Parents said their kids could not stop talking about it.”
— Crossroads Fellowship


“The curriculum worked really well for us. We are a Romanian community. More and more kids from other Romanian churches came each day as they heard about it. We planned for 80 kids; we had 150. Before the VBS, some of the teachers asked if this was a subject for kids. They thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn’t. I have only positive feedback.”
— Gwinnett Romanian Baptist Church

“I absolutely loved the curriculum. I have directed VBS before, and this was by far the most meaningful. We did it a little different than the curriculum; the kids stayed in their grades and each teacher taught about every country. It was a little more preparation, but it made the teachers more aware. The teachers were very excited about it and expressed how much they learned. It went really well.

“I sent home a newsletter every night with information about the countries and questions about the lesson. Parents said it was totally different than anything they’d done before, and they liked it.”
— Crossbridge Baptist Church


“This past year we used your VBS program. We all loved the program. It was easy to teach, and it was very moving and educational for the children. Thank you for all you do. We here at Grace will always keep you and your cause in our prayers.”
— Grace Community Church


“When I viewed the VBS kit, I must say it was a bit overwhelming. There was so much to cover. I chose to use only 2 countries, China and India. We visited India for 2 days and China for 3 days. We used the 5 themes along with the memory work. One Bible story and real life story was chosen for each day. Several of the skits were used also.

“The jail cell was a huge hit! Kids were even put in jail for believing in Jesus and telling others about him. This made it quite real. We created an underground classroom so the kids would understand what persecuted Christians go through.

“The feedback from the teachers was very positive. They really felt the children enjoyed it and grew from the experience.”
— Oak Lawn Bible Church


“Well-written and easy to use. Lots of good ideas for lots of age groups. The material is age-appropriate and workable for small or large churches.”
— Jody NeCamp, church kids’ club director, Kentucky


“We chose this curriculum because of its purpose to get children involved in and aware of what persecution means. We have found that so many VBSs do not address these issues that we feel are so important to our faith in Jesus. Our VBS was attended by about 30 children overall. The children had a blast and also grew in leaps and bounds. Thank you for your mission.”
— Canton Calvary


“I loved using the curriculum and thought it was set up great. I definitely thought it was a great set of materials for the price and was very happy with the layout. I found it easy to customize the curriculum to utilize it with different sized groups of kids as well as relevant. I supplemented the curriculum with VOM videos which worked great.”
— Church for the Harvest

North Carolina

“We used your “Kids of Courage” curriculum for our Vacation Bible School last week. We found the materials to be timely and informative; we were very pleased with them. Our students gained much insight and an appreciation for the persecution of Christians that occurs in today’s world.”
— Whiteville Grove Baptist Church

“We enjoyed your VBS and feel our children have a new appreciation for the freedom they have here and to pray for those who suffer for Christ. I would have loved to been able to purchase an adult study to go along with it. We took some heat from some church members who were concerned that their children would be scared. Those children didn’t attend, but no one gave feedback who attended re scared children. Overall, it was very successful. We had more children than we anticipated.”
— Friedberg Moravian Church


“We recently held our first Voice of the Martyrs VBS. Many felt that it was the best Vacation Bible School program that we have ever had.”
— Blue Spring Church


“I chose Kids of Courage this year for our VBS. I tend to stay away from the commercial VBS curriculums and try to find more relevant and meaningful ones. This one caught more attention but I was worried about the heavy content.

“It turned out to be an excellent VBS! What I loved about it was its real life applications and the fact that the kids could learn, not just Bible truths, but learn about other countries and cultures.

“I also liked that it wasn’t coated in sugar. There are real tragedies in the world. While we don’t need to jam it down children’s throats, it’s ok for children to know that there is evil in the world, that they are blessed and that Christ calls us to make a difference.”
— Allegheny Lutheran Church


“About this time last year I was looking for a children’s program to offer at our church and happened upon your VBS curriculum. I purchased the workbooks [Kids of Courage Bold Believers activity books] that coincided with each of the countries to help me flesh it out as I (incorrectly) assumed that I would need them. And while they helped, I soon realized I had not only enough information to get the kids through the spring semester but also through the fall semester as well…. We divided the year up into 5 units with a different country to focus on for each unit…. We love how your VBS program was adaptable to our needs and how wonderfully it is opening up the worldview of our kids so much that we are planning on doing a year two…. Thank you for making KOC affordable and full of depth.”
— Hillcrest Baptist Church


“We recently held VBS using the Kids of Courage curriculum. As a youth minister, I tend to stay away from lessons that are watered down. In today’s world, I think people need reality rather than fantasy. The Kids of Courage VBS curriculum gives you just that. It’s the real deal! The kids enjoyed the underground classroom and we are still using the jail for various lessons about the apostles! We enjoyed the curriculum so much we are going to use it during our Wednesday night program, so that even more kids learn about the persecuted church and how to be a Kid of Courage!”
— San Gabriel Christian Church