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All necessary teaching materials and activities are provided in the Kids of Courage complete VBS curriculum for a five-session VBS. If you would like additional optional materials, check these resources.

Torchlighters DVDs
    Main features are 30 minutes
    Children see the Christian church at its best in the lives of real-life Christian heroes. Each DVD includes an animated feature, full-length documentary, reproducible study materials, and English and Spanish tracks.
Kids of Couragve - The Richard Wurmbrand Story The Richard Wurmbrand Story
    What does it mean to surrender? The life of Richard Wurmbrand, founder of VOM, was all about surrender. He refused to give in to communist leaders in Romania because his life already belonged to Jesus Christ.
Kids of Courage - The Eric Liddell Story The Eric Liddell Story
    Eric Liddell may be best known as the main character in Hollywood’s 1981 release of “Chariots of Fire.” This new animated version of the story of Eric Liddell is made especially for younger audiences. When Eric takes a stand by choosing not to run on Sunday, he is labeled as a traitor. These challenges prepared him for life as a missionary in China.
Kids of Courage - VOM Bold Believers Country Activity Books VOM/Kids of Courage Bold Believers Country/Activity Books
Kids of Courage - Bound with Them Interlocking Bracelets Bound with Them Interlocking Bracelets
Remember the persecuted with two interlocking silicone bands.
An 8-page VBS Resource and Project guide is included in the Kids of Courage curriculum.
    For more books, banners, posters, activity books, DVDs, adult-size T-shirts, and gift items, go to