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Kids of Courage VBS
Helping Kids Be Bold Witnesses for Christ

The complete VBS curriculum includes:
Director’s Guide
Crafts & Classroom Activities book
5 Teachers’ Guides
Resource & Project Guide
Skits & Plays booklet
Photo CD
Music CD
Games, Snacks & Songs booklet
The Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Map

The Kids of Courage VBS is designed for kids ages 5–13. The curriculum presents the concept of Christian persecution in age-appropriate ways and leads students to reach out on behalf of the persecuted church with prayers and action.

Students hear about:

  • Real Kids of Courage at risk for their faith today in five countries
  • The joy, courage, and perseverance of bold believers who follow Christ
  • The importance of becoming a Kid of Courage

They learn that Kids of Courage:

  • Trust God
  • Get Prepared
  • Remember Persecuted Christians
  • Forgive Others
  • Witness Boldly

The Kids of Courage VBS contains decorating suggestions, planning schedules, assembly scripts, and everything needed for planning and directing a VBS. Features of the curriculum include:

    -One topic per teacher: The format allows each teacher to present one country at all sessions, reducing preparation time.
    -Pre-tested features: Curriculum components have been tested over several years at kids’ events with positive results and feedback.
    -Adaptable materials: The material provides directors and teachers with a variety of options to fit different church sizes and settings.

“Well-written and easy to use. Lots of good ideas for lots of age groups. The material is age-appropriate and workable for small or large churches.”
—Jody NeCamp, church kids’ club director, Kentucky